Vision Class Ceramic Grill  (sold by Costco & Sams Club) 

The equipment listed is designed to fit the 2012-2015 Vision Classic and Professional Ceramic Grills sold through Costco, Home Depot and Sams Club.   Please call regarding grills sold through other outlets.  The Vision Classic and Professional Series Grills have a 19-1/2" cooking grid.  

M Series owners:  Please note, if you have a Vision M Series Grill with a 16" cooking grid, the equipment below will not fit your grill.  Click here for M Series Accessories and set-ups.  


Vision Woo Ring (new 2014)

The Vision Woo is new for 2014.  It's an easy way to raise the Vision main (lower) grid to the felt line for raised grid, direct cooks.   Or, add the 13" Round Ceramic Stone and 14" Stainless Drip Pan on the lower Spider ring to create an indirect (BBQ) set-up near the felt line.



It's also possible to add our 13" Cast iron grid and sear closer to the lump or our 16" wok for Asian wokking.


Adjustable Rig Spider Combo

The Adjustable Rig Spider (ARS) Combo is a simple to use “multi-tasking” platform.  Combine the ARS Combo with grids, stones, pans and such to grill, barbeque, bake or Dutch oven on one or more levels.  The ARS Combo is easy to set-up, will not hinder airflow, weighs less than five pounds and can live in your cooker.  Plus, it is fabricated from 304 Grade Stainless Steel and proudly made in the USA.

Following are some of the more popular set-ups using the Adjustable Rig Spider Combo in the Vision Classic Grill.  Feel free to check out the Large  Adjustable Rig and Spider narratives in our BGE Categories for more specific information, as the respective Rig and Spider have very similar set-ups and uses.

Measurement(s):  We recommend you take a couple of quick measurements in your Classic Vision Grill before ordering.  Measure the inside diameter of the fire bowl.  Take the measurement across the top of the fire bowl.  Measure across multiple spots.  The inside diameter measurements should not be smaller than 16" or large than 16.5".

The Adjustable Rig Spider Combo is pictured below.  The Combo includes:  Large Adjustable Rig with a pair of Crossbars, Spider, 13" x 17.5" Oval Stainless Grid, 13" Round Ceramic Stone and Stainless Round Drip Pan.  The Adjustable Rig and Spider are welded together, creating a one piece unit.  The Spider's legs help keep the Rig positioned atop the fire bowl.  Also, when using the ARS Combo, it is not possible to position a grid directly on the fire bowl.



Grilling:  Grilling on the ARS is a quick set-up.  Set the ARS on top of the Vision's fire bowl, place the grid atop the Rig and start grilling.  A couple of benefits of the set-up are: (1) access to the lump is easy; and (2) the cooking grid is raised near the center of the dome for more consistent temperatures.  As a comparison, a grid atop the Rig is 2 inches higher in the dome than the top grid on the Vision two grid set-up.  For two grids, simply position the Rig's Oval Grid on the Rig Crossbars.  Note: unlike the Vision 2-grid set-up, there are no leg obstructions on the lower grid. 



Barbequing:  Barbequing on the ARS is as convenient as grilling.  Simply add the 13" Round Ceramic Stone and Stainless Drip Pan on the Spider or Rig Crossbars.  The best time to add the 13" Stone is right after lighting the lump.  For one grid cooks, we recommend setting the Stone and Drip Pan on the Rig Crossbars, either the lower or middle notches on the Rig.  Having the pieces on the Crossbars opens up the cooker for '"maximum" heat circulation.  For big two grid cooks, chances are the 13" Stone and Drip Pan will need to sit on the Spider. 




Other Accessories:  

Rig Extender: 

Cooking atop the Rig Extender is an effective way to raise the grid higher into the dome where the food can take full advantage of the reflective and convective heat patterns within the dome.  It's our favorite spot to cook chicken, pizza and/or anything that burns easily.  We find cooking on the Rig Extender is just easier and requires less attention to detail than cooking at the felt line, on the fire ring or atop the Rig.  It's 11.5" from the top of the firebox to the Rig Extender.  The Rig Extender is a "U" shape piece with five laser cut legs that rest on the Adjustable Rig's top ring.  The hook on the back leg slips around the Rig's back vertical support and keeps the Extender properly positioned atop the Rig.  A Stop Support across the Extender is a guide when sliding the D Grid.  The front Crossbar (used with Oval Grid) is removable for open access into the cooker.  

The Rig Extender's new feature is it works in tandem with our 16" Sliding D Grid.   The Sliding D Grid is designed to slide back and forth along the Rig Extender, providing a convenient way to access a drip pan, stone, lump or second grid underneath.  The D Grid's dimensions are configured on a 16" diameter grid with the short (flat) side measuring 14.5" deep.  The crossbars on the Grid are approximately 1/2" on-center to better handle secondary cooks like veggies, foiled pouches and such.  With the Vision Grills, care must be taken not to slide the D grid off the back of the Extender. With a little practice, you'll learn how far to slide the grid. 


The 13x17 Oval Stainless Grid can also sit atop the Rig Extender for two grids.  With two oval grids over the oval stone, it is possible to slow smoke four full racks of baby back or St. Louis Style ribs. 


Oval Ceramic Stone:  The Oval Ceramic Stone provides extended indirect protection for long meats on low and slow cooks.  The Oval Stone sits on the Crossbars, can slide in and out on the Slide Guide.  Note: the Oval Stone does not fit the Spider.  The Stone's 13" x17" size matches up with our 13" x17.5" Oval Grid.  



Pizza:  Pizza is a favorite in ceramic grilling.  Depending on the pizza dough thickness and your abilities to control fire, you may need a second stone below the baking stone.  The 13" stone on the Spider should work as a second (blocking) stone.   Our preference is to use our 16" round stone high in the dome on the Rig Extender.  The Rig Extender places the baking stone farther from the lump and closer to the top of the dome where the pizza can benefit from the convective and reflective actions of the dome.   The 16" Stone also matches up in size with Papa Murphy's, thin crust, large pizza.  The 16" Stone and Rig Extender atop the Rig is pictured below left.  

Below Right is our 16" Round Ceramic Stone on the Vision 19" grid.  As you can see, it fits but may not be the best fit.   A smaller stone (our 13" stone) or using the two grid Vision set-up is a possible work around solution..



Other Configurations:  Add our 9" x 18" Half Grid and BGE's 15" medium cast iron grid to create a perfect searing and roasting set-up.  Use the cast iron grid on the Spider to sear close to the lump.  Use the Half Grid as your staging area to roast veggies or the seared steak(s) to the desired internal temperature.  Anyone using the Spider to sear at high temperature, greater than 350 degrees Fahrenheit, needs to read the information at this link: Spider Warnings and Safeguards.   The set-up is pictured below left.   

Add a third level for slow smoking 6 racks of babyback or St. Louis style ribs.  The three grid set-up requires:  (1) Adjustable Rig Spider Combo, (1) Slide Guide Combo, (1) Oval Grid and (1) Slide Guide with Crossbar.   The indirect set-up is the Spider and 13" Stone.  To access the lowest grid, you'll need to pull out the Rig which is not hard to do:  Put on your hand protection, slip your fingers under the Rig's top ring, hold the Rig Extender with your thumbs and lift the Rig up and out of the cooker.  Set-up is Pictured below right.     


The Spider can hold our 14" or 16" round bottom wok.  Works best if the wok handles are forward and back.  16" wok is pictured below left.   Pair our 8" x 16" Half Ceramic Stone and Hanger Bar and 9" x 18" Half Grid to create a quasi-direct and indirect configuration.   Lower grid is the Oval Grid.  The set-up is pictured below right and requires an extra Crossbar pair.     



Grids:    The 19" Vision grid (bottom grid) fits atop the Adjustable Rig.  The hinged section makes the 19" grid somewhat cumbersome to use.  If using the 19" Vision grid, it must be placed with handles aligning each side of the Rig, see below left.  Our 18.25" Round Stainless Grid is a better fit atop the Rig, as it is designed specifically for the Rig, see below right.  We have not found a viable set-up solution using the Vision 18" upper grid with our products.


The Oval Grid is designed to slide in and out of the Rig and hold the "long" meat cuts.  Typically, an Oval Grid can hold either two loin back (babyback) rib racks, two St. Louis style rib racks,  one spare rib rack, 12 to 14 lb. brisket packer, two pork butts or two spatchcock chickens.  As mentioned above, the Oval Ceramic Stone provides the best indirect protection for the Oval Grids.   

ARS Compared to the BGE Adjustable Rig & Spider:  The Adjustable Rig Spider Combo for the Vision is very similar to the BGE Large Adjustable Rig Customer Combo, except for one thing.  With the Vision Combo, the Spider is welded directly to the Rig.  The Rig and Spider are one piece.  With the Customer Combo, the Rig and Spider are separate pieces.  Welding the Spider and Rig together is necessary because the Vision's fire bowl does not have dimples for the Spider legs to rest in.  So far, the only cooking set-up affected by the ARS Combo's one pedicel design, when compare to the BGE Customer Combo set-ups, is inverting the Spider in the up position.  Using the Spider up is an option for wokking.

On a side note, to convert a Adjustable Rig Spider Combo so it fits a large BGE grill is possible.  All one would needs to do is cut the Spider off the Rig and replace it  with the BGE Spider.  All other Rig accessories are interchangeable.  


Vision Classic Spider 


Vision Classic Spider is designed to fit the 2013 and 2014 Vision Classic Ceramic Grill sold through Costco and Sams Club.  

The Vision Spider has the same basic functions as our Big Green Egg® Spider.  The center ring holds our 14 or 16 inch wok for wokking.  Our 16" Wok is recommended.  Plus, the center ring holds our 13" Round Ceramic Stone and 14" Stainless Drip Pan to create an indirect set-up.  Overall, the Vision Spider drops 2 inches into the lump bowl.  It can be positioned down inside the lump bowl or up into the cooking area.  

We recommend you verify the following measurements to insure the Vision Spider fits your particular cooker.  We suggest you take multiple measurements around the top of the lump bowl and along the inside wall of the Grill's base to insure a proper fit.  All measurements are +/- 1/8".


  • Material is 1/4", 304 Stainless Steel round bar. 
  • Spider weighs approximately one pound.
  • Made in the USA.

Accessory Recommendations:

  • Craycort's 13.8" cast iron Smokeygrate. for searing close to the lump;
  • our 16" Round bottom wok;
  • our 13" Round Ceramic Stone for indirect;
  • our 14" Round Stainless Drip Pan for atop the 13" Stone.


Please read the warnings and safeguards below:

WARNING: For self protection, anyone using a Vision cooker needs to understand the principals and preventive methods surrounding a Flashback, including Flashbacks from the lower slider vent, felt rim opening and/or top daisy wheel vent.  Please consult your grill manufacturer or retailer for Flashback details and preventative measures before attempting any cook in a cooker, including cooks with or without, the Spider, Woo Rings or Adjustable Rig.  Keep children away from the cooker, especially the lower slider opening, at all times.

WARNING: Only remove the Spider, grid on Spider, pan/skillet on Spider when the cooker has cooled to ambient temperatures.  Do not remove the Spider, grid, pan or skillet during a high temperature (>300 degrees Fahrenheit) cook.  The cooker can flashback.  The dome thermometer or remote sensing probes positioned above the fire ring are not an accurate measurement of the temperatures in the fire ring and firebox.  The temperatures in the fire ring and firebox can be much higher.  Lump burns in excess of 1000 degrees Fahrenheit.  Adequate hand protection is required when removing heated items from the cooker.


Q & A for the Vision Ceramic Grill:

What size round cast iron grid fits the Vision Spider for searing?  The cast iron grid can't be bigger than 14" in diameter.  We recommend Craycort's Smokeygrate, 13.8" cast iron grid.   We carry the Craycort Smokeygrate as a one piece grid.  Feedback from users is they prefer a one piece grin on the Spider as it is easier to handle.   

What size round griddle or skillet fits the Vision Spider for blackening?  The round griddle or skillet's bottom needs to be at least 13" in diameter.  The round griddle or skillet's top can't be larger than 14" in diameter.  WARNING: DO NOT set the skillet inside the Spider ring, as the cast iron skillet and stainless Spider have different degrees of expansion when heated and cooled. 

What size wok fits the Vision Spider?  14" or 16" Round bottom woks fit.  The 16" is recommended.  We carry 14" and 16" woks in our Shopping Cart.

What size round stone fits the Vision Spider to create an indirect set-up?  The Ceramic Stone can't be bigger than 14" in diameter.  A 1" minimum opening is necessary between the stone's outer edge and the cooker's inner wall.  Our 13" Round Ceramic Stone and 14" Stainless Drip Pan are recommended. 

What size pizza stone can be used on the Vision Spider?  Our 13" Round Ceramic Stone is recommended. 

Can I set a pan directly on the Vision Spider to create an indirect set up?  Due to the high temperatures that lump burns, we do not recommend setting a drip pan directly on the Vision Spider because the pan could melt.

What is the diameter of the Vision Spider's ring?  Approximately 12.25" outside and 11.75" inside.

On indirect set-ups, how much open space is needed under the Vision Spider and ceramic stone?  Keep 2" minimum of open space under the Vision Spider and ceramic stone on indirect cooks. On very long cooks or when using fast burning lump, we recommend you monitor the lump to maintain fuel.

Can I set-up indirect with the Spider/Stone and have the cooking grid sitting on the lump bowl?  No, we do not recommend using the Spider/Stone in conjunction with a grid on the lump bowl.  If you over load the grid with food, it can act as a cap and extinguish the lump.

Do you recommend using third party pizza stones, such as Pampered Chef or ones found online or at the local discount stores/clubs?  No, we do not recommend using third party stones.  Their track record for breaking is well documented.  Save yourself some aggravation and money by purchasing a stone designed specifically for ceramic cooking.  





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