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If you are looking for a way to reduce the Big Green Egg® XL’s capacity or grill on a smaller scale, the XL Lump Reducing Rings may be your answer.  Simply, the Rings shrink the size of the firebox and keep the lump corralled.  

Reference to Lump Reducing Ring includes the Open Bar Ring and/or Solid Sheet Ring.  Before going into any more detail, it is important that you read, understand and follow:


  1. WHEN TO SET OR HANDLE THE XL LUMP REDUCING RING:  Set the XL Lump Reducing Ring on the lump grate prior to lighting the lump.  Do not handle or remove the XL Lump Reducing Ring, XL Hanger, XL Spider, XL Flip3 Spider, Three Legged Holder, indirect stone, pan, skillet or griddle during the cook or when the lump is burning.  Let the cooker come to ambient (cool) temperatures before handling any of the equipment inside the cooker. Wear adequate hand and body protection.
  2. FLASHBACK:  For protection, anyone using the ceramic cooker needs to understand the principals and preventive methods surrounding a Flashback, including Flashbacks from the lower slider vent, felt rim opening and/or top daisy wheel vent.  Please consult your ceramic grill manufacturer or retailer for Flashback details and preventative measures before attempting any cook in the ceramic cooker.   Keep children away from the cooker, especially the lower slider opening, at all times.
  3. The dome thermometer or remote temperature probes positioned above the fire ring are not an accurate measure of the temperatures in the fire ring and firebox.  The temperatures in the fire ring and firebox are much higher as lump burns in excess of 1000 degrees Fahrenheit.  

It is important that you understand and follow the procedures stated herein before using any of the equipment or set-ups detailed.

General Specs:

Size wise, the rings are approximately 14 - 14.5 inches in diameter and 3.5 inches high.  Lump wise, each ring holds approximately the same amount of lump as the firebox on the popular Large Big Green Egg®, 18-inch cooker, roughly 3 - 4 pounds.     You have a choice between two XL Lump Reducing Ring styles:  Open Bar or Solid Sheet construction.  Just to note, you don’t need both.  Pick the one that best fits your cooking style.

Open Bar Ring (above left):   The fabrication includes four, 1/4-inch, round bar rings welded vertically with 7/8-inch spacing between rings.  The open spacing between rings allows airflow into the lump for quicker starts and more even burns.  The rings are held into position by four vertical studs.   The Open Bar Ring weighs over 2 pound.  The material is 304-grade stainless steel.

Solid Sheet Ring (above right):  The fabrication incorporates rolled 14-gauge sheet stock.   The solid wall design emulates conventional airflow with air moving up from the lower grate.   One 1/4-inch round bar ring is welded at the center roll to enhance stiffness.   Don’t snub the 14 gauge material’s sturdiness; the Solid Sheet Ring weighs over four pounds.  The material is 304-grade stainless steel.

To insert the Open or Solid XL Lump Reducing Ring, just slide the Ring back and forth until it slips past the lump pieces and rests on the XL lump grate. The Ring sits level on the lump grate.  Remember, only set or remove the XL Lump Reducing Ring with the lump extinguished.  

We recommend filling the XL Lump Reducing Ring half full of lump on your first several cooks.  It’s the best way to gauge temperature control.  Chances are you’ll find the temperatures generated from a half loaded Ring sufficient to do just about any quick grilling type cook.   Also, lump outside the Open and Solid Wall Ring can ignite;  So, it is best to remove any lump outside the Ring.   You can use the excess lump to fill the Ring to the desired lump level.  Are you wondering how lump outside the Solid Wall Ring can ignite?  Answer is: from burning embers that have fallen through the lump grate.   

You may wonder why we did not add a bottom to the Ring, creating a bucket.   Without a bottom, the Ring inserts easily into the partially filled firebox.  If it had a bottom, you would need to scoop out the lump, insert the bucket and then scoop the lump back inside the bucket.   Plus, with a bucket you can easily empty or dump the bucket into a trash receptacle.  Sounds good, but you can also, without realizing, dump/discard burning lump and create a hazardous situation.   Take if from us, discarding burning lump can happen and more than once.         

One last note:  it should not take long for the XL Lump Reducing Ring to pay for itself.  Just consider how much lump you’ll save!

Searing/Blackening with the XL Hanger or Three Legged Holder:  

Please note, the XL Hanger and Triangle Hanger have been upgraded to the XL Spider.  Reason for the upgrade is the XL Spider holds a Wok better.  We will update the website pictures and information as time permits. 

With the addition of the XL Hanger, you can grill closer to the lump when searing/blackening temperatures are required.   Big Green Egg’s  medium cast iron grid (15CI),  Bayou Classic’s 14-inch round griddle  (7414) or any 14 inch or similar size skillet match well with the rectangular and triangular XL Hanger and Lump Reducing Ring.    

 triangle hanger  rectangle hanger  

Triangle Hanger – New Notched Fire Ring

Rectangular Hanger - Old Style Fire Ring





If you don’t have a need for the XL Hanger and just want to cook smaller at the top of the fire ring, you might consider the Three Legged Holder.  Its advantage over using the XL Cooking grid is it allows easy access to the Ring for stirring the lump or adding wood chunks.




Raised Grid with the Flip Ring:

Add the Flip Ring for improved temperature control by raising the grid higher above the lump.  For direct cooks, keep the cook over the XL Lump Reducing Ring.  For lower temperatures or indirect cooks, slide the cook to the grid’s edge.   Or, you can position the Lump Reducing Ring off-center in the firebox: Back of the cooker is best.  This adds greater flexibility on direct or indirect cooks.   You can also, spin the grid to adjust the cook.  The off-center set-up works great for spatchcock chickens (dark meat facing heat & white meat facing away) or when finishing steaks to different degrees of doneness.   

 xl9  xl10  
 xl11  xl12  
 xl13  xl14  
 xl15  xl16  

If you are looking to do an indirect cook, it is as simple as dropping in the XL Hanger and stone above the Ring.  A 14 to 19-inch stone covers the XL Lump Reducing Ring for total indirect cooking.   Setting the Triangle Hanger and stone immediately after lighting the lump allows the stone to heat up gradually.  The 16” round stone is pictured below.  

 xl17  xl18  

As mentioned earlier, just think of the lump you’ll save using either the open or solid wall XL Lump Reducing Ring!   

This ends the XL Lump Reducing Narrative.


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