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There is only one thing better than a big cooker and that is a big cooker with big options.   We worked with the “XL” for over two years: designing, building and redesigning set-up scenarios.   We think we’ve hit on something big with the Flip Ring, Hanger and 21.5-inch Grid Combo.   Together, they take full advantage of the “XL”’s capabilities.   We hope you like ‘em!


PLEASE READ:  Big Green Egg is shipping the redesigned fire ring and firebox with the XL.     With the redesign, the firebox is one inch shorter and the fire ring is notched to hold the platesetter.     How can you distinguish the old from the new?     (1) With the new, it's 3-inches from the top of fire ring to the base's felt rim.  With the old, it's 2 inches.    (2) With the new, the top of the fire ring has 3 notches to hold the platesetter.    With the old, the top of the fire ring has six shallow dimples.    If your XL has the notched fire ring and/or shorter firebox, we recommend that you do not purchase the current version of our Flip Ring and Hanger.  Simply, we want you to have the best accessories available and matching old with new is not the best set-up option today.     We are in the process of redesigning our XL line-up to match Big Green Egg's redesign.   We are playing and experimenting to see if we can put the extra inch above the fire ring to improved use.    Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.      


If your XL fire ring has the five dimples and 2-inch spacing to the base felt rim, then the Flip Ring and Hanger set-ups outlined below will work for you. 


xl1xl 1b
 (6 Pork Butts, approx. 50 lbs.) Two Grids Indirect Set-Up Outlined Below


The “nuts and bolts” of the designs are:

 Flip Ring:

  • Overall height is approximately 4.375 inches.
  • The two ring diameters are 20 & 23-inches.
  • Six zigzag style studs connect the two rings.
  • The material is 1/4-inch, 304 stainless round bar.


  • Flip down raises the XL grid to the felt line, approximately 2.0 inches above the fire ring.   The small ring hugs the fire ring’s wall for minimal interference.   In the down position, the studs align with the dimples atop the fire ring.   It’s your call, whether you place the studs in or out of the dimples
  • Flip up raises the 21.5-inch grid approximately 4.50 inches above the lower XL grid or fire ring.   In the up position, the stud’s outer bend acts as a bumper and keeps the Flip Ring centered on the fire ring or XL grid.


  • The material is 5/16-inch, 304 stainless round bar.
  • The long parallel legs are 11 inches apart.   The short crossbars are 7.75 inches apart.
  • The diagonal measurement is approximately 20-inches.   So, round objects 12 to 19.5-inches in diameters will sit within the Hanger.   Square and rectangular size objects will vary.





21.5-Inch Grid:

  • Actual diameter is 21.5-inches.
  • Just about equals the XL grid for useable space, when compared to an XL grid sitting on the fire ring.
  • One center support bar and two handles.
  • The grid is steel and nickel plated.
  • An acceptable substitute is Weber’s 22.5-inch nickel plated grid.   Actual diameter of the grid is 21.5-inches.


xl dd

Note: Using the Flip Ring in the up position puts the 21.5-inch grid high in the dome.   It is possible that the thermometer may get in the way.   Information on thermometers can be found here.


 Now that you are familiar with the designs, let’s look at set-up options.


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