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The Large Adjustable Rig fits the
Large Big Green Egg® and Kamado Joe®

The Large Adjustable Rig (Rig) is one of the first pieces we designed for our own use.  Over the years, it has grown in popularity and we are excited to say - it's worldwide.  We believe the Adjustable Rig's popularity is a true testament to its versatility.  Many Rig owners have reported that the Adjustable Rig is their "go to" set-up platform and for some, given the wide variety of available accessories, it's their only platform.    

In a few words, the Adjustable Rig is a simple to use “multi-tasking” platform.  Combine the Rig with grids, stones, pans and such to grill, barbeque, bake or Dutch oven on one or more levels.  The Adjustable Rig is easy to set-up, will not hinder airflow, weighs less than four pounds and can live in your cooker.  Plus, it is fabricated from 304 Grade Stainless Steel, passivated for improved durability and proudly made in the USA.


  • We recommend you take one quick measurement in your Large Big Green Egg® or Kamado Joe® before ordering.  This is the best way we’ve found to make sure the Large Adjustable Rig fits.  Measure the distance from the top of the fire ring to the felt rim on the base.  The measurement should be approximately 4-1/4 inches. If it is not, contact us and we’ll see what we can do to get you set-up.
  • Plus, Kamado Joe® owners need to check the cooking grid.  If the hinged grid is only a couple inches wide, the grid should fit the Rig.  If the hinged grid spans the grid's entire quarter section, the grid will not fit the Adjustable Rig.  You'll need to purchase our 18" Stainless Grid.

Currently, we offer three Large Adjustable Rig Combo packages in our Shopping Cart Section.  Purchasing one of the Combo packs will save you some cash.  The Starter Combo gives you the ability to put a cooking grid at 5 different heights.  The Customer Combo is the universal Combo as it can handle most routine cooks.  The R & B Combo is designed for the rib (R) & brisket (B) fans as it includes the Oval shaped stone, Oval Grid and Slide Guide.      


Starter Combo:  Large Adjustable Rig, Pair Crossbars, Large Spider, (pick one) 16.5" Round or 13"x17" Oval Stainless Grid

Customer Combo Package:  Large Adjustable Rig, Pair Crossbars, Large Spider, 13" Round Ceramic Stone, 14" Round Stainless Drip Pan & (pick one) 16.5" Round or 13"x17" Oval Stainless Grid

R & B Oval Combo Package:  Large Adjustable Rig, Pair Crossbars, 13"x17" Oval Ceramic Stone, Large Slide Guide w/ Crossbar & 13"x17" Oval Stainless Grid

Other items we suggest adding to a Combo package are the 16" Stainless Drip Pan if you plan on big barbeque cooks, an extra pair of Crossbars if you are one to misplace things or that special accessory you want to use right away.  We'll be here, if and when you decide to expand your ceramic abilities with added accessories.

Read:  More than likely as you read the Adjustable Rig information you'll be a little overwhelmed.  Don't worry.  What you are actually recognizing is the true versatility of the Adjustable Rig.  Many new Rig owners tell us that they easily duplicate the set-ups and it does not take long for the set-ups to become routine.  Our best advice is use the Rig information to prioritize your cooking needs.  Then pick the Combo package that best matches those needs and start enjoying ceramic grillin' and Q'ing. 

We pulled this from the "Q&A" Tab, as it is key to understanding how the Rig works.  You might want to read the "Q&A" and "Specs" before jumping into the other Tab (Grilling, BBQing, Sliding Grids........) sections.  Click the Tabs above to go to that section.

  • What do Levels 1.5, 3.0 and 4.5 mean?  These Levels correspond to Crossbar settings on the Rig and are measured in inches from the top of the fire ring with the Rig sitting on the fire ring.  For example, when we recommend placing a grid on Rig Level 4.5, it is the same as putting a grid 4.5 inches above the fire ring.  Level 1.5 is 1.5 inches above the fire ring.  Level 3.0 is 3 inches above the fire ring.  In the main picture above, the Crossbars are at Level 3.0, middle notches 3" above the fire ring.


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