Ang-L Brackets in xl big green egg


An alternative to the lump reducing rings are the Ang-L Brackets.   The brackets take a slightly different approach to managing lump in the Big Green Egg® XL firebox.  With the lump reducing rings, you shrink the overall diameter of the firebox.  With the Ang-L Brackets, you partition the firebox into lump and non-lump sections.

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  1. WHEN TO SET OR HANDLE THE XL Ang-L Brackets:  Set the XL Ang-L Brackets on the lump grate prior to lighting the lump.  Do not handle or remove the XL Ang-L Brackets, XL Hanger, , XL Spider, indirect stone, pan, skillet or griddle during the cook or when the lump is burning.  Let the cooker come to ambient (cool) temperatures before handling any of the equipment inside the cooker. Wear adequate hand and body protection.
  2.  FLASHBACK:  For protection, anyone using the ceramic cooker needs to understand the principals and preventive methods surrounding a Flashback, including Flashbacks from the lower slider vent, felt rim opening and/or top daisy wheel vent.  Please consult your ceramic grill manufacturer or retailer for Flashback details and preventative measures before attempting any cook in the ceramic cooker.   Keep children away from the cooker, especially the lower slider opening, at all times.
  3. The dome thermometer or remote temperature probes positioned above the fire ring are not an accurate measure of the temperatures in the fire ring and firebox.  The temperatures in the fire ring and firebox are much higher as lump burns in excess of 1000 degrees Fahrenheit.  

 The Ang-L Brackets work in pairs.   To create the desired lump formation, just set the Ang-L Brackets on the Big Green Egg® cast iron lump grate.  If forming angles less than 180 degrees, the Brackets legs will overlap slightly.  In using the Ang-L Brackets, just make sure the Bracket legs face out and away from the lump.  Bracket legs out insures proper airflow under the lump. 

Pictured below are Big Green Egg® firebox set-ups for one-half, one-quarter and 2 three-quarter formations.   Just about any angle from 45 thru 270 degrees is possible.

angL-180 for XL big green egg firebox   angL-45 for XL Big Green Egg

AngL-270 for xl big green egg firebox  AngL-threefourths for xl big green egg firebox

The Ang-L Bracket material is 14 gauge, stainless steel.  Each Bracket leg is approximately 3.5 inch tall, matching the depth of the firebox. The Bracket’s side edge is angled to match the curvature of the firebox wall. 

Below are a couple cooks.  With the ribeye and foiled mushroom cook, the Ang-L Brackets are set-up to use half the Big Green Egg XL firebox.  In the first picture, the ribeyes are seared over the lump using Big Green Egg's cast iron half grid.  The mushrooms are positioned along the edge for a slower roast.  In the second picture, the ribeyes are elevated and moved to the non lump side of the firebox for roasting to medium doneness.  The Flip3 Ring and stainless half grid are used to eleveate the steaks.  A small chunk of mesquite is placed on the Big Green Egg CI half grid to add a bit of smoke flavor while roasting.  

  angL steak   AngL-steak finish

In the brat cook below, the Ang-L Brackets are set to one quarter of the Big Green Egg® firebox.  The Flip3 Ring and 21.5 inch grid provide plenty of space to position the brats.  Set-up options include (1) directly over the fire, (2) above but immediately along side the fire & (3) along the front side of the grid for an indirect roasting.  The goal is to roast/grill the brats, without breaking the casing, till the juices run clear. 

AngL-brats  angL brats

 The Bracket formation for the spatchcock chicken cook is approximately one-third of the Big Green Egg firebox.   The dome temp is 350-375.  The XL Flip3 Ring in the up position elevates the grid for a direct set-up.   A piece of foil is positioned on the Big Green Egg® lump grate (under the roasting bird) to catch the fat drippings and minimize burning fat.   The cook starts with the bird skin side down directly over the lump to get the skin rendering. Next, the bird is moved to the opposite side of the grid to roast, breast away from the heat/lump.   If needed, the bird (skin side down) can be moved back over the lump at the end of the cook to crisp the skin.  

angL spatch chicken   angL chicken

So which method, Lump Reducing Rings or Ang-L Brackets, is best for your XL Big Green Egg?  The easiest way to look at it might be to match the accessories you already own.  Simply, if you purchased the Big Green Egg XL half size accessories, half grid or half stone, then the Ang-L Brackets should be your best fit.  If you don’t have the Big Green Egg XL half size accessories but do own small round accessories, maybe from another cooker, then the lump reducing rings should be your best fit. 

The Ang-L Brackets work with the XL Spider, Triangle Hanger, XL Woo2 Ring, XL Flip Ring and XL Adjustable Rig.


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